Mission & About Us

The Found Resources mission is to deliver superior returns on investment through 1) a premier access to the top technology in the oil industry, 2) a disciplined market execution strategy, and 3) a superior team.

Found Resources is a team of experts, representing every discipline in the oil industry. This team has a culture of innovation and a drive for perfection, and has brought together the perfect combination of game changing technology, market expertise and unrealized drilling opportunities, in order to reach oil reserves forgotten by conventional techniques. This expertise and technology should make Found Resources one of the largest independent exploration and production companies in the United States with an oil focused asset base. In the end Found Resources should also control one of the largest acreage positions in the state of Utah with a potential production output that may revolutionize the oil industry.

We have always been an independent oil and gas company that acquires, exploits, develops and explores for crude oil and natural gas, primarily in the Utah Thrust Belt. Today Found Resources is focused in the Rocky Mountain region of the United States.

We are focused primarily on organic drilling activity, both on previously acquired properties and new plays, and specifically on projects that we believe provide the opportunity for repeatable success and meaningful production growth in the Sanpete County.

2017 ~ Found Resources L.L.C. Founded.

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